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Dear One,

I see your frustrated heart. I see your juggling act. Trying to get the most out of every day, chasing after an ever-moving target. I see you crying when you think nobody else can see. I hear your heart breaking when you learn of something sad. You feel so deeply, so strongly. You hesitate to act, to pursue, to share. But you feel. You long to be pursued, but when it happens, you freeze. You second-guess. You feel one thing but your mind judges that feeling and you retreat.

Photo by jesse orrico on Unsplash

But I See.

Do your work for me, dear one. Work heartily and mightily. Your work may not bring in money, but it is deeply important to the work of my gospel. Think not about how you may be perceived by anyone but me. Do your work with only one audience in mind. For in that you will worship me with your whole heart, which has always been my goal for you. Through doing with your hands, your heart will worship.

With Love.

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