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Dear One,

I see your doubt. I see your questioning face asking, “Why am I here? What would you have me do?” I feel your frustration. I see your wavering. You hesitate to let people see because you think they will reject. And they may. But you are here for my purpose. You are here for these people, for them to see Me through you. You are not here to fix them or make them see. You are only here to show what you know to be true because you lived it. When they ask “how do you do it,” even though you know that question may come from an attempt to fill empty space, you are here to answer honestly. Say what you know to be true, that you do not do everything well. You make mistakes and you stumble. But in your worst times, you still received grace from me. You receive grace from me every time still. Do not do for the sake of being exalted, but do for the sake of exalting me.

Photo by Mika Ruusunen on Unsplash

Remember that time? When you were angry and threw a basket and broke the window? You know that time. I recall this not to incite shame, but to remind you of the grace you felt in that day. You were pushed to your knees because, like Lincoln, there was simply no other place to go.

Remember that time? When you were angry at your daughter and out of ideas for helping her not be angry too? You fell to your knees in prayer then too. You pleaded. You begged. You said, “She is yours, not mine.” You came to me instead of hiding further inside yourself, away from me.

Remember that time? When you were frustrated and drove away from your house in a rage? Crying, contemplating. Considering bringing yourself to me far too soon. The image of driving into the water was strong. But instead of acting impulsively, you heard my call and you called back. You cried and you came to me. And I led you back home, where your family received you with grace.

These are stories you will carry with you for your whole life. There are many more. As necessary, share these graces with others. You are here to show others about me. I will bring those people into your life as I see fit. I will open the door for them to come into your life.

My power is strong. Be faithful to walk the way I have for you, I will lead you through each and every day.

With Love.

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