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Mother's Day Morning 2018

A Prayer of Gratitude

Gracious God,

Thank you for the challenges in my days, for they cause me to lean more into you. Over time the challenges cause change and growth. Help me be steadfast.

Thank you for leading me to pause and look at the ordinary graces in my life, allowing them to become extraordinary.

Thank you for my eyes and how they see the wonders of your creations.

Thank you for my ears and how they hear love and encouragement in good and bad times.

Thank you for my mouth and how it allows me to enjoy the different flavors of food, to speak of your goodness, and bring forth encouragement and love.

Thank you for my hands and feet and how they are used to serve and love others.

Thank you for a heart that is always longing for your face and presence.

Thank you for the wonder of these complex functions, though they are created so differently to do different things, yet corporately they were created to serve one function; to sing the praises of their Maker.

Photo credit Monina Mitchell

A Day Laced in Grace

Today I had an opportunity to drive some friends to their meeting this morning and with that came so many moments laced with grace. I got to meet the newest resident of Peoria Home and what a grace it was to share with her that we have been praying for her. Now here she is, sitting in my car. I’m reminded over and over again of the consistency and power of God’s immense love.

I ran into a dear friend; seeing her face and hearing her voice while we embraced brought so much joy. I was given an opportunity and the ability to buy lunch for a homeless man that I’ve seen a handful of times in the last few months. I saw a bald eagle soaring through the sky right above my car, then minutes later a blue jay flew out of a bush and landed right next to my car.

I am awestruck when I see these and other wild creatures living in our backyards. It never ceases to amaze me to see wild creatures in this unnatural habitat humans have created for them; I always wonder how they have adjusted and how they learn to thrive.

All this caused me to pause today and sing praises to my God and King. All this has allowed me pause and see just a fraction of my grace-filled day.

May God bless you today with pause and praise of all the grace He has laced into your day.

Monina Mitchell is married to Scott and they have three kids. She is an artist in all manners of the word, and graciously shares her words and photo here with us.

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