Wednesday Thoughts

I look around and I see...things unfinished.



The to-do list still undone; the done list far too short.

Photo by Louis Smith on Unsplash

I can feel the pull deeper into the “do.” The “do more.” The “do better.” The “not good enough.” The doing to gain righteousness. The attempt to earn something that only is to be given without strings.

No. Stop, brain. Stop that lying.

Here’s the done list:

House is clean enough.

Kids are happy.

There’s enough food.

Kids are learning at their own pace.

You meet me where I am, in the hymn-singing with my children.

You give me time and direction every second of the day.

You pull me out when I fall in, away from you, you pull me back to yourself.

You remind me of truth when I cannot. You remind me I am not what I do. You remind me of yourself.

You give me rest.

#grace #reminder

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