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Just Enough

The treadmill beneath my feet is always moving. A brisk pace, by no means leisurely, but not quite so fast that I can’t keep up. He gives what I need, when I need it. Not too much that the manna may spoil, not too little that I may go hungry. Just enough to get through the day. Just enough to keep me reliant on him. The day was stacked; I planned just enough time to get from Point A to B. “A” being a work meeting, “B” being swimming lessons. We get on the road and the maps app shows a lot of red: “Heavy Traffic.” I decide to take another way, without really knowing whether it will save time. The clock ticking, I judge that we’ll just be a couple minutes late, but the estimated arrival time gets further and further away. Frustration sets in, and it crosses my mind that I should just go home and skip it all together. They'll be disappointed but they'll get over it. Reconsidering, I resign myself to just being late and continue on. Traffic lightens and we arrive at swimming one minute past the start time. Just enough. There have certainly been times in which the treadmill moved much too slow, my energy level accustomed to a faster pace. The restlessness set in and with it, anger and anxiety. There have certainly been times in which the treadmill moved much too quickly. My energy level waning, I began to miss things: forgetting to pay a bill or make the appointment. Many things I had to quit altogether. Back out of commitments and sit on a beach and cry while processing whatever it was that made me feel stuck. It seems a happy medium now. The treadmill matching the pace of my stride. Whether your treadmill runs fast or slow, let Him carry you. Let Him be Just Enough no matter how you feel. If you need to move slowly, move slowly. If you can handle a faster pace, let Him lead you as you keep track of all the things. Don't look at the person's pace next to you. He is leading that person in His way. He will lead you in His way as well.

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