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Table Work

My table is A gathering place A nourishing place A necessary evil A refreshing good A place of heartbreak A place of rest

Photo by Hannah Busing on Unsplash

The table was set for eight. Two leaves added. We were all gathering this night to talk, and I didn’t know what kind of talk this would be. The eight of us, the “core” of our small group, just needed some time to work things out. It felt like a family meeting. Our friends were leaving and we all prayed that their hearts would settle and they would come back. The church of which we were a part was crumbling around us. We didn’t know it then, but in another year’s time, we’d all be scattered even more. It was a necessary scattering. But tonight, we gather. We gather to share a meal, a glass of wine, many prayers. I don’t remember what we ate for dinner. I don’t remember how I decorated the table. I remember being surrounded by people who cared for me and felt like family. The table provided the gathering place and He worked.

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