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Words at a Wedding

I got to make a speech at my brother's wedding in July, and here is what I shared.

Here’s what I have to say—David and Cynthia, tonight is the beginning of a blank canvas, and you each have been handed a brush and some paint. Whatever you paint together will be different than anyone else’s painting. Some things will be painted with big, broad brushes and huge globs of paint. Life decisions upon which many more things will be created, such as your decision to move very soon. Some things will be painted in small details with tiny brushes and minimal amount of paint. The little things that make life more beautiful in the minute. A beautifully-placed kiss before you end the day, or a hug in the morning before work.

When one of you accidentally or deliberately use too much paint and make a mistake, give it some time and let it dry, then paint over with something else. Let the little things go, but deal with the things that could become big messes—before they become big messes. We all stand with you today excited to see the painting take shape. We are here to offer our critique and advice, but only you get to make this life of yours. And in the end, no matter what you both come up with, no matter what combination of color are created, grace covers all. You are covered and loved.

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