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Demand {Clothed in Dignity}

It's a topic I've been putting off, but an important piece of the puzzle. Basic economics states that supply must keep pace with demand. When there is demand for a product, the market will create such a product. When users tire of an iPhone 6, the market (company) will create an iPhone 7.

Except. When the product is a person, a person's body, the rules need to change.

There is a problem of sex trafficking and prostitution. I have spent the last several weeks outlining facets of this issue. Presumably, the issue will resolve itself when there are no longer buyers. So I must address this.

The cycle of sex trafficking & prostitution is perpetuated by buyers. Of these buyers, 99% are men (1*). This is the truth, and not meant to shame anyone.

A person doesn't wake up one morning and decide to buy someone else for sex. That process started long beforehand.

Our culture is steeped in sexuality. We all desire and need connection almost as much as we need food, water, and shelter. As my friend recently quipped, "Sex is a powerful drug." Indeed it is. It's necessary for continuing our race. It's good. It's healthy. It's comforting. It's safe. It's fun. When it's in the right context.

Sex can be used wrongly. Sex can be used as a weapon to hurt. Sex can be used to exert one's power. Sex can be addicting. Sex can disconnect and exile. Pornography retrains minds (2) and frequently buyers of commercial sex started out with pornography addictions.

We all can contribute in some way to creating a healthier culture, one that encourages actual connection. We can fight back against a culture that raises sex higher than it ought.

Peoria Home raises those who have been pushed down by the culture obsessed with sex. Peoria Home tends to those who have been exploited as others seeking connection and belonging. Peoria home provides time for recovery and a place to heal. Peoria Home is part of the solution.

If you are struggling with pornography or buying sex, there is help for you too (3).

I believe that no matter what we have done, no matter what we have thought or said, there is always hope that we can come to Jesus and he will accept us in our despair and disappointment. His grace covers the things we have done.


(*) This statistic is for minor sex trafficking. Prostitution (18+) may reflect a slightly different male percentage, but generally buyers for both prostituion and minor sex trafficking are male.



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