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Clothed in Dignity---20 days!

Hello Readers! I hope you have been enjoying Scott's series on Prevention for The Thrill of Hope. It has been very educational for me, especially as I get ready to wear dresses every day for a year for Clothed in Dignity.

How Scott approaches johns, the buyers of sex, with compassion has really resonated with me. Very often in the work of abolition, the johns are the "bad guys" upon which all responsibility rests. He, rightly in my opinion, puts more of the responsibility on society as a whole.

"If love heals women who’ve been trapped in the life, love will heal the man who purchases sex or looks at pornography," he states. Most of the people I know (men and women) have struggled in some way with lust or pornography. It's normal, but doesn't have to be. What if we can prevent the eventual buying of sex in all forms by being good to one another, really caring, and being good friends? What if by modeling authentic friendship and relationship to our children, we could encourage their later relationships with all types of people?

I strive for authentic relationship in my life, and I'm still learning. This is where grace abounds!

Clothed in Dignity begins in twenty days! That means I have nineteen days left until exclusively wearing dresses. I have a short list of things I still need to do, and am trying to not worry if everything isn't done by January 1, 2019. If you want to pledge an amount per day ($1, $2, $3 suggested) or simply give a one-time gift, I would appreciate the support! I am hanging out around $30 per day right now!! Pledge here.

Next Wednesday and the following Wednesday I'll share some more specifics about the challenge.



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