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Clothed in Dignity--Four Days!!

In the Gerlach family we draw names for Christmas. This year my brother-in-law drew my name. I had asked for leggings and tights to help prepare for 2019, and was gifted with a variety of animal and emoji prints. These will definitely be eye-catching under a skirt next year! The biggest surprise though, was a donation to Peoria Home! Thank you!

I am honored by every contribution, question, and encouragement as I get ready for a year of dresses. The women presently at Peoria Home and the future residents are worth it!

I love Scott's response to the question, "How can I serve survivors?" Serve anywhere! Any group which lifts those who are low, or a group which protects children, or shows people their worth, serve there! Serve with your professional talents and expertise even if it's not directly with people in the organization. If you can't serve, give! Give to groups which do these things. And above all, pray! Pray for the right people and the right situations, and for good conversations which show dignity and love.

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