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Fears and Worries {Clothed in Dignity}

The bubbles of fear start in my stomach, moving up like the bubbles in a Diet Coke bottle. My legs subtly shake and I feel like I'm going to puke, although I've barely eaten. I turn around a wall and shake my hands to get the bubbles out. I know this feeling well. Call it anticipation. Call it anxiety. Call it expectation.

It happens when I think something may happen. Like right before I may have to speak in front of a group, or play the piano at a recital. Or when I have to tell someone something close to my heart, or start a running race.

Day 1 outfit, a gift from my friend Bethy! It has pockets!!

That's the feeling in starting Clothed in Dignity. The project for which I have been planning since May, keeping it close to my heart and mulling it over, trying to see it from all angles. And today is Day Two. It's not a bad feeling. It's not a signal of distress. The worries I may have had have been replaced by excitement and encouragement to trust He who gave me this. It's a challenge in many ways.

This challenge is not about the dresses. It's not about me doing anything for however many days. It's about women who are taking on many more and much bigger challenges. Women who have to wake up every single day and make choices that have much greater consequences than me making the choice to wear a dress. These women are my heroes! These women are my friends! And I pray that through this year challenge, more women would be provided space to heal and strengthen and know love and friendship.

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