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Bloom {Clothed in Dignity}

An unseasonably warm day after an unbearably cold and snowy winter rushed in like a friend visiting who'd been gone too long. We embraced it enthusiastically, me and everyone else in the Pacific Northwest. My children begging to run in the sprinkler and dousing themselves with water because it's "so hot." We all breathe sighs of relief because Aslan indeed is on the move and now living among us.

The crocus, purple, yellow, and white look a little weary now. Thriving in the frosty cool, now their time is done. Those early bloomers shine and fade at the right time, ushering in the next phase.

The yellow daffodils which yesterday were closed up are now ready to spring forth. Open like a horn blasting triumphantly, they announce their arrival like royalty at a state dinner.

The tulips have not yet bud, they are not quite ready, but for sure this heat wave will encourage them soon. The late bloomers will have their time.

Funny how much difference one day makes. From reluctance, not trusting that the weather will hold, then bursting forth with confidence in who they are meant to be.

Many women and men who leave the life have to try many times until they are successful in the leaving. Stepping out takes guts; if a woman isn’t ready or doesn’t have adequate support, she will return. Or maybe, it just wasn’t her time. Maybe she is a tulip, waiting for the right time. Not a crocus who’s “right time” is earlier. One is no better than the other, one much bloom in its own time.

It may only take a day. But resources and support must be available when that woman decides it’s her day. When it’s her day to step out and say, “I’m done and I’m ready to bloom.”

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