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Friendship {Clothed in Dignity}

Friendship is like two clocks keeping time. (Unknown)

We sit in a circle, the flurry of conversation slowing like a train approaching the station. A sip of coffee, a contented sigh. Normally our meetings are short and full of excitement and chatting, just an evening. This is different: our annual weekend away. There's a routine to our time now that we all kind of know. We're okay with the quiet moments. Someone prompts a question or suggests a game and the train speeds up again, loudly moving down the track. We mill around a neighboring town, grab some lunch, a great cup of coffee. Someone heads off to a store that only interests them and catches up later. We head back and someone makes dinner, maybe we watch a movie, maybe go for a walk. We don't have to all do the same thing, we're content in our differences.

These ladies know me better than most. It's been a long road, many tears and awkward conversations. But they're real friends, friendships that have endured across seasons of time and life.

I count myself lucky to have these relationships, but many a time I felt like quitting. Jumping off the train would be easier than feeling the cutting wind against my face. Old hurts or misunderstandings push back when something new approaches, not knowing that the "something new" is actually safe this time. We're on this road together.


I am on day 93 of the Clothed in Dignity challenge. Ninety three days of wearing a dress at all times, and God is showing me the beauty and necessity of relationship.

Peoria Home provides the environment for relationship to grow and thrive. It won't be easy for the ladies welcomed home, But it's a start. Relationship is worth the time, worth the trip.

Would you support Peoria Home by pledging to Clothed in Dignity? You may do so here.

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