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In the Desert

The harsh wind brushes up dust across the landscape. The red and tan mountains in the distance silhouette against the sky. The straight road disappears on the horizon. A saguaro, a garden of prickly pear, a dried palm desperately wait for its next drink of water.

A man walks along the road, looking back every now and then for signs of life beyond these dormant plants. They are prepared for the heat, but he is not. The water he once had has long been drunk. A tiny speck on the horizon sparks a joyful expectation, but as he moves closer he realizes it to be a mirage. No help here. No help from anyone.

"God oh God, send me some help," he cries. He hasn't the energy to plead beyond a whisper. God will hear. But will anyone else?

What is your desert? Have you ever been like this man, alone, dying and desperate?

As we celebrate and reflect on Holy Week, today is Good Friday. What is good about Good Friday? Because of Good Friday and the subsequent Easter Sunday, we can have hope in our deserts. May you know the One who walked through the desert for you.



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