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Late Night Conversations

She has always struggled to settle down for the night. It comes and goes in severity, but generally she keeps thinking of things to grab, or things she needs to do, or something she wants to talk about.

I am settled for the night in front of my computer doing work while also watching some mindless television. Usually Friends or a movie I've seen a million times. Something I can half-watch while catching up on the to-do list.

Tonight's selection is some old movie I don't know well enough to half-heartedly watch, so her pacing is a welcome distraction. Something tells me she has a specific topic in mind, so I ask, "What's up?"

"Just...I don't know." I wait. A bit more nudging and she finally shares the real topic. It turns into this beautiful conversation about God and belief, doubt and reason.

The nature of being a parent is of being "on-call" at all hours of the day. The learning doesn't end when school ends for the day. It's a lot like the work being done at Peoria Home. The residents have a schedule with classes and events, but I'm guessing the real work happens in the unscheduled time.

I am on day 113 of the Clothed in Dignity challenge benefiting Peoria Home. Each day I will wear a dress in 2019 and $32 is donated to Peoria Home. The work being done at Peoria Home will transform the lives of women affected by addiction, trafficking, and prostitution. Would you like to donate or pledge for the remainder of the year? Please do so here!

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