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Four Months of Dresses

Four months ago I embarked on the Clothed in Dignity project. I have been encouraged by your pledges, questions, and responses. I have every intention of wearing a dress until December 31 of this year! Putting on a dress is actually almost the easiest part! There have been challenges, and some that I haven't anticipated. The Lord is giving me a lot of things to work on within myself! He is showing me I am much more in need of Him than I even thought! He is showing me how intricately he cares for me. I am grateful for this dress challenge, but it's very challenging.

One thing that has come to mind is the idea of what we believe to be normal. Sometimes your "normal" is actually abnormal! If you grew up in a family that didn't sit around a table to eat dinner, it might be strange to make that part of a routine. A person who's never experienced kindness might wither at such a gesture.

One of the risk factors for sex trafficking is sexual abuse. April was National Child Abuse Prevention Month (so I am belated) but it's still relevant. Children who are abused often are fed into trafficking because they believe that behavior toward them is normal. They know no different. Up is down and right is left.

What can you do to help? If you see something that's not right, if you even suspect it, say something. Shine a light on someone who may need help. Educate yourselves and protect the children under your care. You may make a difference in someone's life.

245 days to go! If you would like to give, visit the Clothed in Dignity pledge form or give directly to Peoria Home.

What is normal for you that might not really be normal? How can you empathize with those affected by trafficking by identifying where you've believed untruths?

Love, Addie

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