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About a book: The Advocate by Randy Singer

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I just read a book called the Advocate. There is a character in this book called Flavila. She was a Vestal Virgin in Rome. She was a priestess of the highest order. When she is introduced in the book she is covered in the blood of a sacrificed animal as a part of a pagan ritual. She is one of the most sincere participants and takes her duties very seriously.

Some would say this priestess was despicable, her work for false gods are detestable. Some would condemn her with no possibility of redemption.

The last time you see her in this book she is standing before Jesus in heaven. Jesus looks at her as she smiles and says, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.”

This made me think. When she was a priestess for false gods, God loved her. He did not have pity or anger towards her, He loved her. Despite her service to false gods, God loved her. Even if she was soaked by the blood of a pagan sacrifice, He loved her. God’s love was bigger than any wrong that Flavila could commit.

May we learn to act like that. Not standing in condemnation, but love for those who need Jesus.

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