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About a Book: Encyclopedia Brown, Boy Detective

Encyclopedia Brown, Boy Detective

By Donald J. Sobol

Copyright 1963

I'll be honest, book reviews are the most challenging part of maintaining this blog. I wish I were a better reader, that I made time for it. For a long time I only read nonfiction because everything else felt too indulgent to be worth spending my time on. I am out of practice in reading fiction; the to-do list beckons.

So today you get a review from one of my favorite people, my son Wesley. He's so rad. He's recently become the most voracious reader I've ever seen. He loves adventure. Last week he discovered Encyclopedia Brown, Boy Detective, the first of many books in the series. So here's a review.

Mom: Wesley, tell me about this book; who is Encyclopedia Brown?

Wesley: He is a boy detective and he knows all math problems and he's really good at solving mysteries. He is 10 years old and his real name is Leroy.

Mom: How does Encyclopedia Brown solve mysteries? Wesley: All different ways; he sets up a thing by his garage and will solve a mystery for 25 cents. At the end he makes 3 dollars!

Mom: What was your favorite mystery in this book?

Wesley: The Case of the Happy Nephew, because it was really fun.

Mom: Thanks Wesley! :)

*Mom Note*

The mysteries are short chapters and have an element of "choose your own adventure" in which an additional challenge is presented and the reader must turn to another page for the solution.

I remember my brother reading this when we were kids and it warms my heart that books can transcend time and space, being as entertaining to a child of the 1980s as today.

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