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What's a little silliness?

It was 1994 or '95, and I was getting ready to go to the dance at school. About 7th or 8th grade. The theme of the dance was 70s, so "obviously" I needed to dress vintage. I excitedly picked out the loudest tie-dye outfit my mom had, dreamed of my crush asking me to dance, and headed out. I arrived and realized my fatal mistake. NO ONE else was dressed in the decade of the dance, but our current decade instead (which probably would be hilarious now). Death by humiliation. Mom had already left so I couldn't escape. I had to suffer my clothing mistake. As I remember, I also asked someone to dance and they told me no (jerk). I was SURE it was because of my uncool clothes.

Thankfully I'm not the same person I was in 1995. But being anything out of the ordinary sometimes makes me feel scared and embarrassed. The first couple days of this year my daughter commented every day that I looked nice because I was wearing a dress. I've received a lot of comments about how I'm so fancy and "put together." I wish I was as put together as I seem!

Our clothes tell something about who we are. This year I'm choosing to use my clothes to tell about something I care about and want to work to change. I have tons of other work to do, but this is something God told me to do and I decided to agree.

On Sunday it's the halfway point for Clothed in Dignity! So, which dress should I wear to tell about Peoria Home? Check out the poll on The Good Logger Facebook page! Either way I'll be in the wrong decade again, just like at the dance! Wanna give to Peoria Home? Pledge here or donate directly to Peoria Home!

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