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Five Jewels

These five jewels around my neck glitter in the sun, reflecting my image in the light. Their petite noses and stubby fingers feel soft against mine, their military green and brown eyes stare back at me. My rounded chin and chubby thighs, my squishy tummy is the way it is because of each other these jewels. Each jewel is differently colored, some more similar in hue than others: a blue, a red, a violet, a green, and a bright neon orange. That orange one has given me a run for my money. The green one likes my squishy tummy. Blue and violet are like little copies of one another. Red is loud and we can’t quite figure him out. Their shapes are similar too, but no two are the same. Petite and careful, but strong under pressure, like a diamond. They have been mined from my heart. Each one individually gathered from my soul, then placed into my hands and arms and around my neck. They clamor around me, bumping into each other, clanging together in high-pitched dings. Clink, clink, clink. Then louder, so loud I can hear their clinking from another room. It’s almost better if they are jingling, when there is quiet it usually means they’re getting into trouble.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

I never really thought I wanted these jewels. Their weight and preciousness felt burdensome and I didn’t feel worthy of these treasures. Too much for which to be responsible, too much for which to worry and manage. These jewels are mine though. All mine. I love them now, and am always grateful that I got so many. Some people save and try forever to get these worthies, but mine came without any saving or trying. A total gift they are; something that wasn’t a reward or payment for my work. Isn’t a gift you weren’t expecting sometimes the best one received? That’s what these jewels are for me; their hues and forms and intricacies each a little different, each a little tender to my heart in specific ways. They each adorn my home with their personality and curiosity.

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