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Someone That I Used to Know

I knew you back then. We met every day, even many times a day. Always there. You comforted me when I was sad, rejoiced with me when I was celebrating. Always willing to spend the time.

But, you made me sick. I’d been sick for a long time, never realizing the cause was you. My wounds never seemed to heal when you were around. I knew I had to say goodbye. I knew I had to cut ties. My life was different now, I had to make a change.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

After some time away we reconnected, and surprisingly we worked well together. You didn’t hurt me, and all was well. But then, after a little time, I had to draw a boundary between us because the wounds came back. I had to close that door again. You had to become someone I knew once, not a current but a past friend.

I remember our special times. Laughing so hard we choked and snorted. Crying tears of joy together while I welcomed each little baby, crying tears of frustration at how to manage each new little baby. So many good memories. The pain that accompanied those memories was too much to bear. But I had to make a choice, and I had to choose me.

Now, I barely remember you. The details blurred; only feelings remain. I have new friends now, friends who help and not hurt. Friends who support me and build me up, not make my wounds deeper.

I remember the good times but am fully thankful to be done with you, Gluten.

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