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A Good Logger Rests

November 30 of last year I sat down to plan out December. Trying to make the season reflective and festive, I wrote an activity-per-day to help my children celebrate and anticipate Christmas Day. Sometimes the day's activity was simple like "make Christmas cookies" and other days it was some grand outing like seeing our friends in a Christmas play. We go thru about three weeks of the month, excitedly discovering the day's activity.

Then around a week before Christmas, our family encountered: THE SICK.

We were fine overall. But it just meant so. many. home. days. When I tucked the kids into bed they always ask, "What are we doing tomorrow?" During this time I just had to answer, "Just staying home like we did today. We'll find something to do."

We did lots of puzzles. We read some books and watched a bunch of Christmas movies. The kids taught each other to sew and made pillowcases and doll clothes. We listened to music and played the piano. We slept in late; the day not fully starting until maybe noon.

We rested. I rested.

I am not good at resting. I always have something to get to, to work on, or to accomplish. Usually my rest happens because I've simply exhausted my energy or because plans get cancelled.

But, when I started this week of "normal" today, I felt surprisingly energized, ready to take on the mountain of goals set before me.

A Good Logger rests. Sometimes this rest is so necessary that God will impart sickness or something else to make one rest. It's happened to me several times. And I often forget it's necessity, but end up thanking him for his wisdom in sending it.

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