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A Good Logger Works

Today I have my friend Forky here to help me explain more about being a Good Logger. Enjoy a snippet of our conversation.

Forky: Work. What is work?

Addie: Well, Forky, work is when you're not resting.

Forky: What's "resting"?

Addie: Resting is when you're not working.

Forky: Huh? I don't know!

Addie: Work is when you're doing something busy and productive and helpful.

Forky: Like, eating?

Addie: Yes, to some people eating can be work. Preparing food is work. Cleaning up after people eating food is work. You're a spork! You know this!

Forky: Actually, I'm a foon.

Addie: Work is...writing and learning, cleaning and creating. Work is work whether people give you money for it or not. Work changes depending on how old a person is and where they are in life.

Forky: So work is everything?!

Addie: Yes, work can be everything.

Forky: That's confusing.

Addie: Yeah, I know.

Forky: I don't know!

Addie: That's okay.

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