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2021: Stories

Stories. They are everywhere. Every "chance" encounter has a story. "I was running late because I forgot to lock the front door and had to go back, which made me narrowly miss the accident on 16th street. If I'd been running on time, that truck would have hit me."

God is looking over all our stories. Really, these stories are His.

This little corner of the internet is something I've always wanted but was afraid to begin on my own. There's a story in that too, one of peace and grace and saying "yes" even though it's terrifying. I don't know much about domains, design, and content. I've had to learn a lot of these things over the last few years for various reasons. Mostly I'm just trying to learn what works for me.

In 2021, this corner of the internet hopefully will have a new scope: stories.

I firmly believe that every person has a story, and all {good} stories show something about God. One could argue that even bad stories show something about God and people. I hope to continue telling stories of God's people, of His world, and of His work in our world. It may be similar to what we've shared here on The Good Logger for the past three years, but with a new twist.

I'll start with the story of a new believer. I'm really excited to share it with you.


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