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Ten years ago yesterday I was waiting. Every day waking up thinking, "Today might be the day!" Going to bed each night a little disappointed, but hoping I'd not be able to sleep, which would mean the waiting was over. Waiting for a little cherub to show her face, one I had only seen in grayscale.

Della was a surprise. Oh, what a surprise. But the best presents are usually ones you never anticipate. When she was born the day before I turned 30, that was a surprise too. I didn't know I would get a baby for my golden birthday.

Now we celebrate our birthdays each year, and each year I'm reminded of this gift I didn't know I needed so, so much. My Father knew though.

She's turning 10 and I'm 30 plus 10. I'm so excited to share every birthday with her, but especially the "big" ones.

I love you Della-doo and I'm looking forward to many more birthdays together.

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