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The moon smiled at me today

Her little smirk

Her little wink

Peeking from behind her coarse black mane

Swept to the side like stage curtains

She holds a secret

A knowing glance

A specialness we have not yet seen

She watches

And waits

And waits

Locked in this revolution

Around and around


She pulls in the sea


She cannot maintain a grasp

there is a time for it to be away too

We follow the sea

It’s push and pull

It’s always-moving

On me

On you

We cycle back and forth

Like the sea and the shore

The world keeps spinning and nothing stays the same

Not even the tide

Her Mona Lisa smile knowing the secret

In the deep water

The drowning waves

The rocking dock

The raft out to sea

The feeling that all is lost

She peeks

just wait

It will pass

We will get our feet back on solid ground

She waits

It doesn’t happen all at once

A toe here and there

Being reminded of the shore

Those grains of sands between your toes like planets in the great sea above

She peeks and nods

She keeps her sweet face

Her sweet smile

She places us safely on land where we can learn to walk

The moon smiled at me today

She said,

You’re safe

This will pass

Just wait

Enjoy the ride

You have time

In a wink behind her cloak

And I knew I was safe.

Photo credit: Andrés Gómez

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