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A Million Pieces

The small, white crystals blanket what used to be with a new sheet of clean. The light reflects from the sun to the moon to the snow to my eyes. The sound muffles by the flakes in the sky. A million pieces of grace fall softly and slowly, put me to sleep in the only quiet time of the day. That third or fourth cup of coffee energizing late into the night.

I will gladly take the quiet. I will worship in my cozy room and cozy covers with my husband snoring beside me; my five children safe and snug in their beds. I will not complain when I wake earlier than my body would like to start the day over again. Another day of a rollercoaster of busy people and opinions and emotions and fears and joys. All of these things with all of these people in my house all together. No, I will not complain.

The cold breeze from a door being left open is a chill I will welcome. A chill that means the people in my house are coming back momentarily from being outside. They won’t leave. They want to stay. The dryer on constantly, preparing for the next adventure in the cold. The electric kettle always on to warm my people’s bodies and hearts.

Five people who lived in my body are safe here in my home. We are not perfect, we are all tired, we know what life could have been if another path had been taken. But we are here all together.

Because He is good, forever and ever, amen. ❤️

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