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A Necessary Quiet

When I am cooking on the stove, it's best to have the exhaust fan on. With a gas stove, the damaging fumes are not good to sit with and inhale. But sometimes, it's just too much. With many children, lots of thoughts and tasks, and maybe the dishwasher or lawnmower running, the addition of the the fan while cooking can send me into overwhelm. Usually this happens in the late afternoon or evening when my sleep is depleted. Not a huge surprise!

There have been a few seasons in which the noise in the background is just too much and I need to turn a few things off, like the fan, but on a bigger scale. One such place which adds noise is social media. Not a huge surprise! I can't anticipate what I'll see there.

One other place is this blog. It pains me to skip weeks of content, but I had to turn it down and focus on my family. For a workaholic personality, this is very challenging. Nothing is good enough. Nothing is the right amount of work. It always eludes. It costs money to maintain this blog, and every time I skip a week the dollar signs flash in my brain. But maybe, it's okay. I don't know what God is doing with this little corner of the internet which I'm allowed to influence, maybe it's just an inexpensive therapy session.

So, stay with me here on The Good Logger. God is good and He is working.

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