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As a Plan for the Fullness of Time: Leanne Vogel, Part 4

Since her encounter with Jesus on her own “road to Damascus,” Leanne has shut down her business of energy healing and channeling, and deleted all of the content on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube which promoted such practices. She’s lost some friends, but has made many brothers and sisters in Christ through her church, bible study, and online. Even though we’ve only talked over Zoom and email, I consider her a new sister as well and rejoice in all she is learning about her creator! “There’s so much to unlearn, and learn. I know God is real because I’ve tried everything else,” she says.

Leanne and Kevin have had to relearn much in their marriage as well. How do you live intimately with someone when life really isn’t a projection and there really are consequences for one’s actions? The grace they have both experienced in Jesus is working its way through their relationship with one another.

As Canadians, especially in this COVID climate, Leanne and Kevin will soon have to leave Florida. Opting for a simpler living situation, they recently sold their sailboat and got a smaller powerboat on which they will live with their dog, Coconut. The development of their faith has transformed the way they are approaching their marine lifestyle. Could they take a modern-day missionary journey among the likes of Paul in the New Testament? He ventured over land and sea planting churches, sharing the good news of Jesus Christ and his ministry. A man once known for attacking Christians with wit and violence, he spent the latter part of his life, his new life, spreading the life-changing message of the grace of Jesus Christ. Did skeptics approach him weapon-in-hand just in case he wasn’t telling the truth and had intent to harm? How many times did he tell the “scales-falling” story? How did he reflect on his former life, knowing that Jesus waited until His time and place to appear to Paul?

Much like Paul, Leanne was raised up before her conversion. By the world’s standards, she’s built a successful life: bestselling books, an influential podcast, and the ability to travel the world with someone who loves her. But none of those things satisfy fully without Jesus. Emptiness like a black hole, enveloping everything all around her and always demanding more. Jesus is the one who satisfies.

How has the Lord “raised you up” to a place of influence? If you have experienced God’s grace and Jesus’ peace on your life, with whom can you share this message of grace and peace?

Thank you for reading this story, it has been a labor of love and obedience for me.


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1 Comment

Caroline Baum
Caroline Baum
Nov 15, 2023

Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful story of redemption. I watched the YT video of Leanne's testimony, I was in tears! So thankful that Christ called her and her husband out of bondage to sin, to freedom in Christ. I am hoping that she is continuing in her sanctification journey and growing in the knowledge of God. I would love to hear an update of how she is doing!

Thank you again for taking time to share-it is an encouragement to hear of the grace of God extended to Leanne and her husband- may we all continue to remember what He has done for those He has called, Christ's sacrifice to purchase us, redeem us, reconcile us, and…

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