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Gently He Leads

Updated: Feb 27, 2022

Moses didn’t start with crossing the Red Sea. God led him there, first leading him to the burning bush. Then to confront Pharoah. Then to the sea. Then to the wilderness where he lead others. Moses saw God’s glory on the mountain, was given the stone with the laws, his face so shining it freaked his fellow wanderers out.

Moses wasn’t a good leader by nature. He was a murderer, an adopted Egyptian, a mumbler. His brother Aaron was more suited to lead, to speak, as was his sister Miriam, but God called Moses to lead the Israelites. God had a purpose bigger than Moses’ intention.

What must It have been like for Moses? Confused, I’m sure. Why me? He might have said. Cried to God when he didn’t know what to do next. Total reliance on the creator. Total ineptitude. To leave no doubt in the minds of His people who had probably grown up next to Moses that God was really leading, not this messy guy with a freaky shining face.

God uses unlikely people to lead his people. There’s no other explanation except that it's God leading the entire time.

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