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New Hope

Hope stirs. Like a fire in the hearth. A tornado in my heart.

Tangled together with fear. That taste lingering in my mouth.

Hope clings to my heart like burrs cling to my flesh.

You meet me in the moments of sorrow.

You meet me in the trembling fears.

You meet me in the tender hope.

You keep offering.

I reject. You hold me.

I scoff. You accept me.

I plot. You wait.

Advent season begins and my heart falls into turmoil.

Christmas hymns playing through the stores.

Candles burning words through my soul.

Sparkling lights.

Hope sinking into the old wounds.

Pain comes from deep within.

A reminder of new birth.

A baby brought to save.

Tears holding in my eyes from memories that break.

A lost child looking for hope.

A child forgotten and passed over.

A little girl left in the emptiness of a holiday.

Enemies of the worst kind.

Ones meant to love but that only gave fear.


You put it into my heart.

You put me before you.

You took my shame and guilt.

Into your hands I fall.

When hope hurts to much you take it.

When hope feels unsafe you take it.

You gave me buried hope in my soul, for me to have in secret.

You let me see the price so I could see the cost.

Hoping in the cold dark nights.

Hoping in the twinkling lights.

Hoping in the Christmas hymns that fill the stores.

Hoping in the candles of words.

Hoping in new the traditions.

Hoping in the place of trembling sobs.

Hoping in the words written to save me.

Hoping in a baby that was a fulfilled promise.

Hoping in the promise that He would stand before me.


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