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Updated: Dec 8, 2020

The reflection upon which you gaze is distorted, my friend. The image staring back at you is like you, but it is not you. Shift to the mirror on the right; it is more accurate. The one on the left is like a Funhouse Mirror. It adds where you aren’t and takes away what you really are. You are more than this reflection. You are more than the space you take up. You are more than what looks back at you.

See how the mirror on the left distorts the floorboard? See how it juts out into space? That’s how you know it’s wrong. Look at the mirror on the right, your hips are small and curvy, just as they should be, especially after having babies. Now move to the mirror on the left. They grow. Why do you believe this lefty liar?

But the mirror, like all things, is a tool. It is not your worth. How you reflect in a piece of glossy glass is not the determiner of your worth.

We will never see ourselves. We can’t take our eyes out of our heads and gaze upon those thighs that won’t stop being huge. We can only see reflections of ourselves in mirrors, glassy water, shop windows.

Kind of like God. We don’t see him, we see his image and his works. And we know from those things, that He is good and He is grand. If you believe these things about Him, believe those things about you too. See yourself as you really are.

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