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She was 2.

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

One time, my girl was two. My #2 girl was two. We had a party, a sheep party. Everything had to be sheep. But I really don't remember much except making these darn sheep cake pops. My grandma visited, and was here during the party. I was so annoyed that she demanded my attention while I was trying to make sheep cake pops. I remember frantically making these pops while watching So You Think You Can Dance on a hot summer day. Why was I so mad? It was the last real time I remember her visiting on her own accord. Every other time afterward was because someone picked her up and brought her here. I remember rushing to take a meal to someone with Grandma in the car. She hung out with us while I was tending to my duties as a "kind," Christian. Why did I worry about those things? Could I have just prioritized Grandma? We were on borrowed time at that point? Why didn't I know? I drove Grandma's little Kia. The last time she visited my house having driven in her Kia. After this he was depending on others. Not long after she was confined to a bed.

Will I remember to not worry? Will I remember to prioritize people? I hope so. She is 13 now, and a drive-by party is the best we an hope for in the COVID craziness. She is 13, and her teen years will be marked by social distancing and drive-by parties. Will she remember the was it "once was" and the "normal"?

I hope so.

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