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In the midst of space

There is loneliness

There is loss

There is emptiness

In space there is space

To move

To cry

To fear

There is space to become

Whatever is near

Or whatever you may hold dear

In the midst of space

There is time


The expanse of time which once was a


I have never had time

I have always been rushed

I have always been worried

I’d be late

To the party

I was always worried

I would miss the boat

Or the bus

Or the train

Down the moat

Down the river of life

Not realizing there is another

Coming soon

In this life I hope

I will find all the space

To do what I’ve hoped

And do it with grace

Not frantic despair

Because I am left

Not frantic elation

Because I am deft

In the midst of space

May I become something new

With enough space to follow thru

In the midst of space

May I make new connections

May I make new friends

May I deepen the ones that I already have

With my open schedule

With fewer responsibilities

With just more space in my brain

To take all these ideas

And turn them into something

It doesn’t have to be great

It can kind of be crap


But in the midst of space may

I know I am okay.

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