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Tell the Story: A StoryWorth review

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

Every year it's a similar challenge: Christmas gifts for the family. What do you get for the parents who seem to have everything? Also, I always tend to procrastinate, which doesn't help anything.

An Instagram ad had popped up on my feed a few days beforehand, and it stuck in my brain, good marketing. Something about stories, the perfect gift for the person who has it all. I peruse the website at and on a wish purchase a gift for my parents. One year of story prompts sent via email, then the responses compiled in a printed-and-bound book. I wasn't too sure but it was better than nothing for Christmas!

"Addie, this is the best present anyone has ever given us!" Mom gushes over phone and text a few weeks later as the story prompts begin to arrive in their inbox. For them, a retired couple, it's now part of their weekly routine. The week's question arrives on Sunday, they each read it, ponder, chat, and then write. The neat part is that I get to choose the questions. There are hundreds of suggested questions, or I can write my own. So far they've had questions such "Where was your first big trip?" to "What was your mother like when you were a child?"

Their responses are emailed back to me when completed. Sometimes I don't read them because I want to be surprised when the book is completed and bound. Pictures may be uploaded too, so it becomes like a scrapbook of interviews.

Especially in this year of strange, the StoryWorth service is invaluable. I can't wait to read through the stories when they are finished and bound.

I highly recommend StoryWorth! I am sharing this review because I find this service wonderful, not because I receiving any compensation. BUT if you wanna try it, use my link for $10 off!

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