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Updated: Dec 8, 2020

  1. Health for my family.

  2. Connection with those who are far from me through technology.

  3. Outdoor hangouts with friends.

  4. Zoom hangouts with friends for my kids.

  5. Zoom reading times with Grandmas and friends.

  6. A warm house.

  7. My husband working from home.

  8. Healthcare.

  9. Silly sibling relationships.

  10. When the kids go to bed early and we have a quiet at-home date.

  11. The printer and ink to make copies and print activities.

  12. The kids regularly doing the tasks on their lists.

  13. Time outside.

  14. The smoke is gone.

  15. My warm Huggle blanket.

  16. YouTube dance workouts.

  17. Sending fun mail.

  18. Cheese.

  19. Coffee.

  20. Jesus, above all.

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