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To be a friend

I wrote this a love letter for my deepest and closest friends of over a decade. No amount of words would ever be able to capture all we have experienced together. More than ever I am reminded why friends are needed. Through all this craziness lately I have been reminded of how important it is to have true friends that really understand your emotions and feelings. I have a lot of people I like, care about, and even love. But there is something special about people who have seen your worst and best and still love you. Hold onto (metaphorically because you shouldn’t be touching anyone right now) to those who know you. It’s really important to be able to cry, vent, and laugh with each other in this trial the world is facing.

Found together outside themselves and tied together through heart and faith.

Through laughter and tears the bond was forged

Joy and sorrow deep within the bones

Through weakness and strength-of-will they continue forward

Bitterness and anger teaching humbleness

The quiet of the stillness sought

Clung desperately together in times of strife, fear, and weariness

They held each other up as they held each other’s babes

Entered the early years of friendship as wide-eyed and new, unaware of the paths that would wind them together

Though the walk not always as simple as it would seem, they would continue down, spurred forward by something greater than themselves

Different as the tides that come and go

One whose heart was meant to teach them how to love the least to the greatest

One with the strength to hold true to what is right and good

One with the passion of loyalty that pushes them through

One with bravery to speak the questions they may fear

One with the quietness of order that steers them toward each other

One with the gift of knowledge to teach them how to learn and believe

One to watch and record the words

They search themselves and find they are intertwined

Offered a gift few can receive

The gift has weight and fear and grace

The gift isn’t easily carried

Their own hands do not even get to carry it but the hands that carry them hold it precious for them

As time changes so do they

Time takes its pieces and space

Their wide-eyed new selves no longer viable but different creations take their places

Still they move together but separate

A new time came and brought new places to visit

Within themselves

The battle raged and they held steadfast

Made stronger alone

Made stronger together

When foundations threatened to crumble, and they wavered their savior steadied them once again

Dust settled and new scars were formed but still together they stood

Fear and love woven together

Through their hearts, minds, and souls

Trust built and tested

The trials made them stronger both separate and together

Memories of love and laughter remind them they know each other pasts

Fears shared remind them of their truths

Friendship has been their gift

Learning, growing, changing

New people over and over again with each other

Through sickness

Through late nights and early mornings

Through learning

Through kids

Through husbands

Through new and old


New days dawn and their souls stayed tied together

Space and time do not separate them but pull them closer

Tied together through heart and faith

This is dedicated to the women that taught me friendship.

Angie, your constant ability to love and give love amazes me. Also the little bit of darkness you carry so you aren’t too sincere that it leads to sappiness.

Bethy, you are the most steadfast and trustworthy person I have ever known and how you simply speak truth is beautiful but also just sarcastic enough.

Addie, your ability to love us in the way that keeps up together and simply push us to physically see each other is a true gift and you belong to us and with us.

Rachael, you are always willing to challenge the first thought offered and not accept us just as we are but believe in us to push us to our best.

Crystal, the way you willingly handle this insane group of people and somehow bring any order to us in the way a rudder steers a ship.

Bridget, how do I simplify all you have taught me, from any question I have had about the bible to singing about cats that solve mysteries and not questioning why that would be what we did, to teaching me to accept my ability as my art. You are always teaching and always giving that gift and I forgive you for leaving me to love your family.

To myself, never built to have friends or be a good friend but had somehow been able to love and have you all in my life for so long.

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