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Updated: Jul 13, 2020

"But, is it the corona?" His little voice conveys worry. His papa is in the hospital for emergency heart surgery.

A few weeks later he asks with anxiety, "Mommy, if I get sick with corona, would I give it to Daddy? Would he die?"

My heart shatters like a mirror. Oh no buddy, we're gonna be just fine.

We go to a social distance birthday party and we coach the kids on how to act while we're there. Maintain six-feet distance. We're not having cake. We're not staying very long. Stand with your back against the fence. And on and on and on. They stay back, they don't protest.

"Mommy, when corona is over, I'm gonna go hug people I don't even know!" He yells with passion.

Me too buddy, me too.

Three months ago, his biggest worry was what Mommy would offer as a snack before bedtime. Popcorn or cookies? What's for breakfast? Pancakes or eggs?

In addition to his math and reading for school this year, he's learned

Dealing with disappointment Self-control

Video calling etiquette

Snail life cycle

Walking around the neighborhood with siblings

May these lessons impart resilience on him and his peers.

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