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Scott Mitchell

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

I'm blogging because I want to. That's about the extent of it. I don't want to be tethered to writing about one thing or another or a number of words. I just want to write. I want to be challenged to live a life of grace and love through writing.

I desire to live my life differently or set apart from our culture. When I say live, I mean not only write about, but live. I want to live a sincere life. I will fail at times, but admitting that and learning from mistakes is apart of this life.

I love my family more than anything else in this world. Spending time with them is my favorite thing. My wife is awesome and the grace that she is to me inspires me to live this life of grace and love.

I am a pastor at Grace and Mercy Church in S. Everett, WA and I love my city. I also am a board of Casino Road Ministries. I love using my gifts and passions to benefit others. I desire to use my privilege to help those who don't have any. I want those who don't feel loved, lovely, or worthy of love to feel these things at a deeper level. Women who have been in slavery and kids who are growing up in poverty need the hope of those who will stand beside them as they find their way in this life, and I want to be there with and for them.


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