Addie Gerlach

I am a reluctant writer. Writing is simply something I must do. For a long time my writing was only in the form of schoolwork or journaling. Now it seems my writing is for others too. It’s a new role that I’m very often self-conscious about. It’s sneaky being a writer. Like Superman masquerading as Clark Kent. With the glasses, briefcase, and tie, Clark Kent isn’t seen as a truly competent superhero. So it goes with writing. I get to flash my superhero powers but masquerade as something else 90% of the time. I like it this way.

I’m a wife, mom, homeschooler, daughter, and friend. These are roles that I have warred with over and over. I very much have had to “work out salvation with fear and trembling.” It’s very difficult for me to understand the depth of Jesus’ grace. I know how bad my heart truly is, but He loves me regardless.

I have struggled with depression, an eating disorder, and periods of all-consuming anger. Much of my writing may pick apart these pains from my past. My writing may also ponder on the beauty in this world: in friendships, parenting, landscapes, and experiences.

My kids are 13, 10, 8, 6, and 4. I’m 36 and have been married to Bill for 15 years. I hope you like what I have to share here.


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