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Blast from the Past


Kids usually wake up around 7am, Wes and Della will need a diaper change.

Breakfast around 730-8. Good options are oatmeal, scrambled eggs and toast, or yogurt with cinnamon and fruit.

We usually have lazy mornings and the kids play nicely in the morning while I clean up from breakfast and the previous day, or get laundry started or something.

Then put on clothes--girls are independent, Wes likes to pick out his own clothes but needs help getting them on.

While Della’s napping, I start school with the big kids. Wes likes to play with stuff in his “busy box” in the laundry room. Girl’s school plans are in my planner on the black bookshelf in school room. Handwriting is a Proverb/Bible verse, Math is the next lesson in their respective Saxon books. Caley has grammar and editing pages to do in her workbooks (whatever’s next). Caley does spelling on (name: addiegs, password: monkey)

Amelia does her “Teach your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons” daily so whatever lesson is next (bookmared with paperclip) is what she will do that day.

They have free reign of the various puzzles and games in the cabinets--after they do their work.

The big kids start asking for a snack around 1030--good options are a piece of fruit, nuts or Cheerios.

Take a lunch break around noon--good options are mac and cheese, peanut butter sandwich, quesadilla, or leftovers from dinner.

Della can have an earlier lunch than the rest of the kids.

Then around noon, Della goes down for her nap in the pack ‘n’ play. (I have found if it’s earlier or much  later than noon, she won’t sleep as long.)

After lunch they can have free time to play inside or outside. During free time they like to play music on the CD player, look at books, make forts with the blankets and cushions, or play upstairs in the playroom.

Wes takes a nap around 1pm--he sometimes likes a cup of water or milk, needs a diaper change, and “snuggles” (songs or trace face).

During the little one’s afternoon nap, we finish up any school with the big girls and then they have quiet/free time. They are free to read books or do something quietly downstairs or in their rooms. During this time is when I usually do the day’s chore like wash the floor.

Della and Wes will usually wake up around 3. They like a snack or milk after nap.

Around 330-4pm, I begin dinner. What’s planned is written on the board in the kitchen, but sometimes I amend that plan. There is freedom.

The kids will want a snack around this time--good options are bites of cheese, a piece of fruit or fresh veggies, or a piece of bread with butter on it. 

Between 430 and 5 I pick up around the house before Bill gets home.

Bill gets home around 530, when we sit down for dinner. Caley and Amelia can help set the table, and clear it after dinner. 

After dinner they might ask for a snack--good options are popcorn or a piece of fruit. 

Della will go to bed around 7 in her crib.

Bedtime is usually at 7, but no later than 8pm. They are independent with getting jammies and brushing teeth, although Wes needs supervision. Expectation at bedtime is stay in bed. Goodnight!

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