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Karina Tinsley

I am 37. I have been married to Jim for 15 years. I have 5 kids ranging in ages from nearly 9 to just turned 20. I have lived in Washington my entire life and love the rain; it’s my favorite smell. I love the green here so much. Every time I leave the state for vacations, I miss the green. I spend my days driving my kids that still live at home to school and sports and I am actively involved in volunteering at their schools. I am a strong introvert and would like to never leave my house but as mentioned above all the kids require leaving my house often.

I love writing because it opens up new worlds. Jesus uses writing as a way for me to hear Him in the clearest way possible. I try to be obedient enough to listen and answer. I have suffered through battles with depression and still struggle with anxiety. I have been gifted the ability to be stepmother to my oldest for 15 years which has given me a unique perspective on parenting and love. I survive by grace each and every day. All these things play a role in my perspective in writing and offer me unique ways to tell stories.

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